DAMAR Southern Railroad


Welcome to my site! Please take a look around at all the fun things being done in my world of model railroading. All of what you see are the product of hours of fun in the shop either solo or in conjunction with friends that are also interested in the hobby.

  • Pacific Coast Shay #213 at the train shed

Latest News and Links

Switcher #36 Overhaul – March 2023 and 2024

Sandy Creek #523 Switcher Restoration – December 2023

Smokestack for Western Maryland #6 – January 2021

Burner Assembly and Misc. for Western Maryland #6 – December 2020

Motor base machining started for Western Maryland #6 – April 2020

Eccentric straps machined for Western Maryland #6 – March 2020

Hear a running Shay!

Quotable Quote:
“Building a steam locomotive appears to be like asking a store clerk for a new shirt and getting handed a spool of thread.” 
(David Dew – 2001)

If you have any questions or would like to email me, please feel free to do so. I am always open to comments and enjoy “trading stories” with other rail fans. Also check out my YouTube channel named “shaynut6” for train videos and other things.