Big Boots &Western – 2020 Winter Meet

Several of the NGLS club visited Capt. John Boots and his Big Boots and Western railroad for the Winter Meet in February 2020. The weather was cool and, for the most part, very good. It is February so we did have a little rain and one fairly strong storm on Thursday evening. The rain did not dampen the spirits of anyone and there was no damage from the storm. We camped in our Keystone Raptor toy-hauler for 11 days and ran trains almost every day. We even had some time to run some G-scale trains on his garden railroad trackage.

Watch a video of my G-scale train.

I had a few problems with the switcher engine while there. It seemed to lack its normal power. A little research found that one of the electric motors (there are two (2) of them) was not running. The problem was traced to a brush that was stuck and not making contact. That was fixed and it ran fine for the rest of the meet. Some work was done on the switcher once I got it home. For more on that, use this link.

Here are some pictures and a few movie clips of the meet. Enjoy!

Video from the meet.

  • F7 coming out of reversing loop