Shay 213 Pics – November 2001

Logdate 11/24/2001

The steam inlet and exhaust manifolds (in rough form) silver soldered to the steel flanges and mounted onto the steam chests themselves. The steam chests have been drilled and tapped to accept the manifolds.

The manifolds are shown here after being cleaned up and mounted to the motor. The motor is temporarily attached to the locomotive frame. The side of the boiler is also shown.

The piston valve rings are shown here. 12 rings are needed, 4 for each of the three pistons. It remains to be seen if the rings can be expanded enough to get them on the pistons.

The smokebox door is shown here in its completed state. All holes have been drilled and tapped. The perimeter bolts shown in the picture are “dummies” and are for looks only. Four bolts will be used to attach the smokebox door to the boiler front.