Shay 213 Pics – November 1999

Log Date 10/1999

This month has been busy. I have cleaned and painted all frame members and trucks. The trucks have been mated and attached to the frames per the design specs. I fabricated the tender coupler and now the tender frame is coupled to the main frame. I have fashioned a motor mount that appears to be adequate although I do not know where to attach it to the frame yet (no design info).

Log Date 11/1999

The pilot beam has had some modifications. I have attached the mounting plate for the coupler pocket and added the beam step. The rear tender buffer beam has also had the coupler mounting plate added and the beam step. It also got a “layer” of varnished oak wood added to it. I have started work on the universal joints needed for the drive shafts that connect the three trucks to the motor shafts. This will take a while but should be fun.