Shay 213 Pics – January 2000

Log Date 1/2/2000

A lot of work is being done on the Shay but not much of it shows yet. A short list of completed or in-progress items is:

  • Pilot beam completed with coupler, coupler pocket, and beam step
  • Buffer beam at rear of tender completed with coupler, coupler pocket, oak beam padding, and beam step.
  • Tender to main frame coupler completed
  • Universal joints are completed (all 6 of them)
  • Working on driveshaft fitting
  • Working on water pump mounting brackets (water pumps are done)
  • Doing research on boiler procurement

On New Years Day 2000, the full chassis was placed on Wayne Lass’s track for its first official “towing” to test the trucks. The good news is that it stayed on the track without any problems. The bad news is that the trucks are so tight that it was very difficult to tow. I guess I’ll be doing some adjusting shortly. Here are some pictures of the work being done.