Riding Car #167

Dateline: May 2001

I have long been planning that the next car that would be built to add to DAMAR’s rolling stock would be a riding car. With that goal in mind, many pictures and measurements were taken at the Midsouth meet in early May 2001. At the meet, I purchased a set of trucks (RTR), couplers, and air brakes for it. It is planned to be a drop-center car with a single seat running down the center of the car for its entire length. I am still debating the height of the seat since I want to accommodate small kids and adults alike.

Riding Car Under Construction (Dated: 06/04/2001)

Work is coming along nicely. My youngest son is helping do some of the staining/varnishing which sure is helpful. As you can see from the pictures shown below, the frame is welded up and painted and ready for final assembly. The trucks, as mentioned earlier, came RTR but they also have been painted and reassembled. The brake kit has arrived and is being finished as well.

Riding Car Finished (Dated: 06/10/2001)

The riding car was finished today. The only thing left is to do some lettering which may never get done. Since this car is not based on any kind of prototypical railroad car, I’m not sure what type of lettering to do. Take a look at the pictures for a glimpse of the car.

Update (Dated: June 2004)

Update: This car has been converted from straddle seating on a bench to have a pair of boat seats. This was done so the wife could use it with her switcher engine. It is a lot more comfortable!!