New Years Day – 2004

The weather man gave us a nice day this year…not too cold and not too hot for the 7th annual New Years Day run held at the Fairfield Railroad at the home of Wayne and Barbara Lass. Family and friends from church and neighborhood, as well as friends from the North Georgia Live Steamers club, stopped by to visit and see the trains. Also visiting (for the first time) were members of the Chapter F of the Goldwing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) of which I am also a member. On their way back into town from the annual New Years Day lunch ride, they stopped to see the trains and take a ride.

This was also the inauguration of the new engine house and track entrance. We have the floor poured and the track built into it. The three-way switch that used to be in front of the old engine house was taken out, rebuilt, and re-laid for the new engine house. The masonry walls of the engine house are yet to be laid.

We had one guest locomotive this year. Hank Roberts of the North Georgia Live Steamers brought his coal-fired locomotive and gave it a good run.

Some pictures of the day’s festivities….