Caboose #213

Dateline: Summer 1999. As my initial foray into train building on my own, I chose to build a caboose. Under Wayne’s fine tutelage, this is the product. The caboose is now complete (except for the interior detailing). The trucks and frame are all completed. It was interesting to learn how the wheels and axles are turned on a lathe and how the bolster works in the side frames. Take a look and see the results. This piece of rolling stock was the first to be constructed at DAMAR Southern.

  • Caboose is finished

As one of the last remaining details, electrical lighting was installed on the caboose over the Christmas break. Interior lighting was installed using tiny miniature “G” scale model railroad lights. Additionally, exterior marker lights have been installed and electrified. A pot-belly stove, wood box, and ash can have also been installed.