Big Boots &Western – Fall Meet – 2013

October 2013

Its been a whirlwind October. After spending 10 days in Wisconsin, I decided to make a trip to Big Boots & Western Railroad near Candler, Florida. I had never been there before but I thought it was about time to go! The track looked very interesting on the BB&WRR web page so I loaded up the trailer and away we went. It was a great decision. The host, Capt. John Boots, was great from the moment we drove onto the property. Everyone we met was extremely friendly. In a matter of hours it felt like we’d known everyone for years. The track is awesome. Much of it is in shaded areas (much appreciated given the hot Florida sun!). The Shay worked flawlessly again. A total of about 18 trips (I think) around the track were made. Each trip when running in continuous loop mode took me about 25 minutes or so. We also ran the track in point-to-point mode a few times. I didn’t time how long that takes but it makes the track a LOT longer! A fun time was had by all. Here are some pictures. Click here to watch a YouTube video I produced of the track.  Enjoy!

  • Shay 213 in the freight yard